camp fever

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camp fe·ver

1. any epidemic febrile illness affecting troops in an encampment;
2. obsolete term for typhus.
3. Synonym(s): typhus
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camp fe·ver

(kamp fē'vĕr)
1. Synonym(s): typhus.
2. Any epidemic febrile illness affecting overcrowded populations with inadequate sanitary standards.
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Johann Valentin Edler von, Austrian physician, 1763-1818.
Hildenbrand disease - disease caused by Rickettsia, transmitted by body lice. Synonym(s): camp fever; jail fever; ship fever
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Thomas Jefferson later estimated that of 30,000 Virginia slaves who joined the British in search of liberty, "about 27,000 died of the small pox and camp fever."
A privileged girl with romantic notions, she is disappointed in her first husband, who obligingly dies of camp fever. Her second husband is a kind banker, who is nevertheless unable to fulfill Eirene's indefinite longings.
National publications have also caught "camp fever." American Girl Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Family Life Magazine, Country Living Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are among national publications which include camp feature stories during the summer.