pinhole camera

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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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The idea of a machine that would reveal truth within a dark chamber was familiar due to the currency of the camera obscura as an analogy to convey objectivity.
Since the Renaissance, the camera obscura served as a dominant metaphor for human vision, as well as the relationship between the observing subject and the world; its epistemology manifested the new scientific worldview as a device for searching for truthful knowledge.
The inventions, which are displayed with the help of hologram technology, include the camera obscura of al-Haytham, astrolabe, surgical tools, turbine of Hassan al-Jarrah and water-raising machine of Al Jazari.
BEIRUT: It's said history's first photograph was taken by French Inventor Nicephore Niepce using camera obscura.
Camera obscura is Latin for dark room, according to Patrick Corrigan, professor of philosophy and interim chairman of Assumption's Department of Arts, Music and Theatre, who also noted that "Classical artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, used such a room to be able to get detailed images of their subject which could be traced, if the light were shown onto a blank paper or canvas, and to study perspective.
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Camera Obscura, a five-piece indie-pop band, is shaped by romantic sentiment soaked in reverb and layered with a chorus of "oohs.
For their first public art commission, Brooklyn-based artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder conceived Topsy-Turvy, a cylindrical camera obscura in Madison Square Park that projects on its interior walls an upside-down image of the Flatiron district.
Collections strong in arts and photography history will find The Great Picture: Making the World's Largest Photograph a powerful history of a photography that is literally three stories high by eleven stories wide, made by using a shuttered southern California F-18 jet hanger transformed into an enormous camera obscura.
With that open-ended charge, the students got to work conceiving, designing and building a 16-foot-tall camera obscura - kind of a walk-in camera - that now sits on a ridge overlooking the forest on a tree farm southwest of Eugene.