cambium layer

cam·bi·um lay·er

1. the inner osteogenic layer of the periosteum;
2. a highly cellular zone immediately beneath the epithelium covering a botryoid sarcoma.
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Microscopic pathological review revealed epithelial lined cystic spaces with a primitive population of cells resembling a cambium layer beneath the epithelium consistent with favorable histology, stromal predominant Wilms' tumor (Figure 3).
The stroma is loosely cellular with a myxoid appearance including a hypocellular zone that separates the surface epithelium from the underlying cambium layer. [7] The rare variants of rhabdomyosarcoma include sclerosing variant and clear cell variant.
Moreover, compact layers of neoplastic cells (cambium layer) with abundant mitoses are seen histologically underneath the biliary epithelium.
Two pieces of periosteum from each of the seven RAT were carefully harvested (to avoid damage to the cambium layer) from the outer table of two adjacent ribs, each measuring 12 to 15 cm in length and the entire width of each rib (approximately 1-1.5 cm).
In trees such as maples and oaks, cells grow and multiply in the cambium layer, just below the bark, increasing the diameter of the tree.
(4,5,6) The pedicled periosteum comprises of two layers, an inner cellular or cambium layer and an outer fibrous layer.
The cells of the cambium layer are embedded in a loose connective tissue and are surrounded by a dense microcirculation.
demonstrated that maintaining the periosteal layer of mucoperiosteum preserves highly osteogenic cambium layer.
Immediately beneath the outer skin or bark of every plant there is a layer of cells called the cambium layer.
"Make an angled cut to expose the cambium layer just beneath the bark.
One answer is ring barking, the removal in winter of a half inch wide strip of wood encircling the trunk taking care not to cut into the cambium layer. Insulate the wound with tape without touching the cut surface until scar tissue forms.