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The inner layer of the periosteum in membranous ossification.
[L. exchange]
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In 2006, Cambia launched the BiOS Initiative (Biological Innovation for Open Society), the aim of which was to create a "protected commons" to allow users to access, improve, and modify enabling technologies without infringing on proprietary rights.
In the new formulation of CAMBIA (diclofenac potassium) for oral solution, the sweetener sucralose replaces the sweeteners saccharin sodium and aspartame.
(BellSouth puso US$25 millones del convenio de US$36 millones de StarMedia a cambia de una participacion del 11% de la compania.) En una fusion StarMedia probablemente aportaria contenido de Internet y comercio electronico a los casi 8 millones de clientes inalambricos de la telefonica en 11 paises latinoamericanos.