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Zigadenus, Zygadenus

North American and African genus of the Liliaceae family. There are many species, some of them toxic some not. The toxins in the plants are steroid alkaloids of the veratrum group. Poisoning is characterized by salivation, vomiting, tachycardia, weakness, prostration and dyspnea. Death may occur within a few hours or not for a number of days. The list of toxic plants includes Z. chlorantus, Z. densus, Z. elegans, Z. fremontii, Z. glaberimus, Z. glaucus, Z. gramineus, Z. leimanthoides, Z. nuttallii, Z. paniculatus, Z. venenosus. Called also death camus.
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It says: "The word Camas is used to describe geographic features in many parts of Oregon, including Camas Valley in Douglas County, Camas Swale in Lane Countya.
Tribal members once hunted, fished and gathered camass bulbs on the preserve land.
They were salmon fishers, gatherers of camass root, and superb riders who bred Appaloosas, which are said to take their name from the Palouse country of eastern Washington, also part of the tribe's domain.