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, calices (kal'i-sēz, kal'i-sēz),
Plural of calyx.
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(kā′lĭ-sēz′, kăl′ĭ-)
A plural of calyx.
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Plural of calix, see there.
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Plural of calx.
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- To compare the chemical volatile composition of corollae and calyces, volatile components were collected by headspace sampling (air flow over specimens into a volatile adsorbent, see, e.g., Hills and Schutzman, 1990, and below), and the samples were analyzed by gas chromatography (GC), using the following procedure.
The fresh calyces are also made into jellies and jams.
Left retrograde pyelography demonstrated a greater stone burden, with filling defects identified in the renal pelvis, lower pole calyx, interpolar calyces and the infundibulum of the upper pole calyx.
Despite all such preoperative investigations and liberal use of image intensifer in oblique and lateral views peroperatively, locating the precise position of anterior or posterior calyx can be tricky and can often result in the accidental puncture of the anterior calyces. Due to the Renal rotation during development, the posterior calyces are are usually oriented with their long axis pointing towards the Brodel's line, hence puncture of posterior calyx will traverse this relatively avascular zone, but in case of anterior-calyceal puncture, there is an increased risk of bleeding as more parenchyma is traversed to reach the calyx and also because of the reason that it wont traverse through the Brodel's line14.
Residual stones are often distributed in parallel renal calyces, so soft lenses that are planted along the percutaneous renal access may increase stone clearance rate, but this technique requires a long learning curve and has significantly longer surgical time and increased risk of soft lens damage.15 In this case, auxiliary channels need to be established to handle the stone fragments outside the field of view of nephroscope.16 Akman et al.7 reported that the establishment of multi-channel increased the stone clearance rate, but significantly extended the surgical time and augmented the bleeding risk.
It was realized that Local which has green calyces is a potential good accession that could be promoted due to its performance both as sole and in intercrop.
It is characterized by accrescent calyces, which enlarge and become papery or inflated as the fruits mature (e.g., Salvia lanceolata of South Africa, Fig.
For plant densities, the tallest plants (155 cm) with maximum calyces yield per ha (2496 kg) were observed at the highest density of 18 plants m-2, though the per plant stem diameter (2.9 cm), number of leaves (653), number of calyces (99), calyces fresh (205 g) and dry (24.9 g) weight were higher at the lowest density of 2 plants m-2.
As animals mature, at P14 calyces, vesicle endocytosis is no longer attenuated by 10 mM EGTA or 1 mM BAPTA (Fig.
The most utilized part of the plant is the calyces, which is traditionally used in making tea, jams, and jellies (Mahadevan, et al., 2009).
The only visible evidence that they were there now are the old calyces from which the flowers fell.