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Jacques, French orthopedic surgeon, 1875-1954. See: Calvé-Perthes disease, Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease.
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People now try to save every penny they have so they prefer to share in calve rather than buying a sheep as its much cheaper this way."
Get it fastPre-calvinPlace cows and heifers that are about to calve under close supervision, especially the first-timers, because they are more susceptible to experiencing difficulties.
coli bacteria (all of which tend to affect calves early in life), the vaccines work fairly well.
Not only did it enable him to plan ahead, all the calves were born at a good weight, with plenty of vigour, and any health issues were easily managed.
Fixed calving periods aid significantly in hitting that elusive 365 days; anything that does not calve within the allotted period should be culled.
During aerial reconnaissance surveys over the calving grounds in June of 2002 and 2007-09, the observers classified caribou as cows, calves, yearlings, or bulls on the basis of body size and whether antlers were light colored and polished or in velvet (Johnson and Mulders, 2009; Johnson et al., unpubl.
Once they were detangled, I managed to calve the forwards calf then the calf that was coming backwards.
From environmental factors, the greatest impact on rearing calves has, among others, the birth season in which the calf is born and begins its development, quality of nutrition and well-being, especially in the first days of life.
According to details, the Zimmedar Kaun team had raided an illegal slaughterhouse located in Landhi area of the city and caught red-handed, some butchers involved in slaughtering young buffalo calves from nearby dairy farms and selling their meat.
10.30am: Turn the calves and animals out and feed hay.
"Elephant orphans or abandoned calves are stumbled on or found opportunistically," a statement from KWS's corporate communication said.