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Relating to the calvaria.
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Human adipose derived stromal cells heal critical size mouse calvarial defects.
A novel calcium aluminateemelatonin scaffold enhances bone regeneration within a calvarial defect.
Platelet rich plasma enhances osteoconductive properties of a hydroxyapatite-beta-tricalcium phosphate scaffold (Skelite) for late healing of critical size rabbit calvarial defects.
Autologous stem cells (adipose) and fibrin glue used to treat widespread traumatic calvarial defects: case report.
Effect of the combination of enamel matrix derivatives and deproteinized bovine bone materials on bone formation in rabbits' calvarial defects.
Thin purple colored calvarial bone covered the lesion under the scalp.
Calvarial Hyperostosis Syndrome (CHS) is a recently defined rare osteopathy characterized by non-neoplastic proliferation of the fat bones of the skull (Pastor et al., 2000; McConnell et al., 2006; Mathes et al., 2012).
Computed tomography (CT) of the head showed extensive facial, skull base, and calvarial lytic lesions with bony destruction and soft-tissue masses consistent with LCH.
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The patient's intraoperative course lasted approximately eleven hours during which time the patient underwent a left middle fossa craniotomy, TMJ arthroplasty, glenoid fossa reconstruction with split-thickness calvarial bone graft, and maxillomandibular fixation.
Most importantly, they showed that PDGF-BB overexpression significantly improved MSC-mediated angiogenesis and osteogenesis in vivo by using a critical-sized rat calvarial defect model.
Follow-up imaging showed appropriate fetal growth and additional findings of abnormal calvarial shape suggestive of craniosynostosis and frontal bossing.