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However, chitosan-GRGD surfaces does not have the same promoting effect to the bone cells obtained from rat calvarias [Figure 2]d.
27) Furthermore, in vitro studies in primary rat calvarias cells have shown that fetuin-A inhibits mineralization by blocking basic Ca-P precipitation and regulating the formation of apatite during this process.
Soft X-ray radiographs revealed that the combined effects of Es deficiency and Cd exposure significantly altered the features of calvaria as compared to that of the control, resulting in the appearance of a labyrinthine pattern as shown in Fig.
5,6) Within the calvaria, the two most commonly affected bones are the parietal bone and the frontal bone in that order; lesions have also been documented in the occipital bone and the petrous temporal bone.
Statin/collagen matrix grafts applied to the rabbit's calvaria caused expression of BMP-2, vascular endothelial growth factor and core binding factor 1 in healing bone within 5 days, and 308% more bone than collagen matrix controls.
Sakurai, Maclura Pomifera Agglutinin-Binding Glyco-conjugates on Converted Apatite from Synthetic Octacalcium Phosphate Implanted into Subperiosteal Region of Mouse Calvaria, Bone Miner.
The skull base, calvaria and orbit are commonly affected by dysplasia of the sphenoid bone.
Bone healing in criticalsize defects treated with platelet-rich plasma: a histologic and histometric study in rat calvaria.
Lowenergy laser irradiation stimulates bone nodule formation at early stages of cell culture in rat calvaria cells.
It stimulates the osteoblasts to produce osteocalcin and alkaline phosphatase and decreases the production of type I collagen by fetal rat calvaria (51).
Davidoff-Dyke-Masson syndrome (DDMS) is characterized by variable degrees of unilateral loss of cerebral volume and compensatory changes of the calvaria [1-3].