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The dried root of Jateorrhiza palmata (family Menispermaceae), a tall climbing vine of east Africa; used as a bitter tonic.


Herbal prepared from dried roots of Jatrorrhiza palmata; allegedly useful in treating diarrhea and other GI disorders.
[Hausa kalumbo]


n Latin names:
Jateorrhiza calumba, Jateorrhiza palmata; part used: root; uses: diarrhea, gas; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
Cocculus palmatus or
columbo root.
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Sapitula said a witness had positively identified Calumba as the man who shot Barangay Poblacion chair Godofredo Tolentino inside the victim's family-owned billiard hall on Amado Reyes Street around 6 p.
The witness said he knew Calumba and thought he was just at the billiard hall to fetch someone, Sapitula added.
According to Sapitula, they were verifying if Calumba has been involved in other killings.
A coworker of Calumba, however, is questioning the arrest, saying the suspect was at work at the time the victim was killed.
According to Cristy Garma, it was impossible for Calumba to be the gunman since the latter was at their barangay hall on the night of the crime.
In the CCTV (footage), the gunman was taller than Calumba.
Another coworker, Beth de Leon, vouched for Calumba, saying he was a kind man who often brought his children to work.
Sapitula said Calumba was a 'bantay bayan' volunteer of Barangay Malamig.
A witness tagged Calumba as the man who shot Barangay Poblacion chairman Godofredo 'Goody' Tolentino, 63, last Oct.