caloric stimulation

ca·lor·ic stim·u·la·tion

(kă-lōr'ik stim'yŭ-lā'shŭn)
In treatment of swallowing disorders, the use of cold (but sometimes hot) temperature to increase awareness of the bolus in the mouth and pharynx; e.g., the use of ice slush rather than a room temperature food of similar consistency.
See also: tactile stimulation
Synonym(s): thermal stimulation.
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Interpretation of ENG results are based on the response of the vestibular system to stimuli from change in position and to caloric stimulation. The result is obtained in the form of butterfly chart, which is a graph depicting the nystagmus response to caloric stimulation.
Videonystagmograpy (VNG) with caloric stimulation has been widely used in the analysis of severity of vestibular disorders.
In the patients, air caloric stimulation was performed using Micromedical Air Fx caloric irrigator (Micromedical Technologies, Illinois).
The nonpharmacological treatment includes the use of repetitive transmagnetic stimulation [10], deep brain stimulation [11], and vestibular caloric stimulation [12].
The caloric stimulation test has been widely used to examine vestibular performance in clinical medicine.
Stimulation of this region was found to generate the sensation of dizziness by Penfield [29], and this same region is active during caloric stimulation in humans [30-31].
Up to 25%, of migraineurs with vestibular symptoms have been reported to have reduced responses to caloric stimulation upon laboratory testing, suggesting de creased labyrinthine sensitivity.
Up to 25% of migraineurs with vestibular symptoms have been reported to have a reduced response to caloric stimulation upon laboratory testing, which suggests a decrease in labyrinthine sensitivity.
Before performing caloric stimulation, check that the patient's ear drum is intact.
Vestibular caloric stimulation done on 9 patients showed a reduction of pain by 2.58 on a scale of 10 against 0.54 in the placebo group.
Caloric stimulation with the closed-loop caloric irrigator was administered with the alternate binaural bithermal (ABB) and the simultaneous binaural bithermal (SBB) tests.