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Friedrich von, Austrian physician, 1844-1917. See: Call-Exner bodies.
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(1) A term of art referring to a type of recall in the UK in which a patient “fell through the cracks” and was found to need cervical smear surveillance.
(2) A colloquial term for “diagnosis”.


Abbreviation for:
Cancer Aid Listening Line (Medspeak-UK)
common acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
common acute lymphocytic leukaemia
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The 'after hours' responsibility that a physician has for evaluating already hospitalized Pts or admitting new Pts to a particular service or to the hospital per se. See Call schedule, Courtesy call, Home/beeper call, House call, Jeopardy call, Long call, Oncall, Short call, Weekend call. Cf Close call.
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Q. I am confused why it’s called pregnancy…..can someone….please… I have heard of the dangerous ectopic pregnancy and want to know a little more about it as I am confused why it’s called pregnancy…..can someone….please…

A. actually it is called pregnancy because IT IS A PREGNANCY.
but, it happens NOT in normal ways it has to be. in normal condition, the conception will happen in tuba falopii, then few days later the embryo (zygote) will be implanted into the uterus.

in ectopic pregnancy, the transportation of the zygote doesn't happen normally, it can be slower or even cannot make its way into the uterus. if the implantation then occurs in other part rather than endometrium of the uterus, then it is called an ectopic pregnancy.

since it's implanted NOT in the normal place, in the future it will be more likely to develop some problems during the pregnancy.

Q. why do you call Bipolar ... Bipolar? i mean what does it mean?

A. Bipolar disorder is called this way because it is charecterized by two types of obvious mood disorders- depression on the one side, and mania, or hypomania (a manic state, or 'high'), on the other side.

Q. why does it call "cancer"?can you treat cancer?

A. the name came from the appearance of the cut surface of a solid malignant tumour, with the veins stretched on all sides as the animal the crab has its feet, whence it derives its name. Hippocrates first called it in that name after describing few types of cancer.
some of the cancers are treatable but that is a big subject. there are some very nice videos here on the site that can give you a clue about that. just search them there ^ :)

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London-based author Nigel Tattersfield, who has written books on Bewick and fellow-engraver Ralph Beilby, and Bewick's brother, John, said that he was "utterly astonished" to find the Waldie building, now called Forth House, when he visited the region for 250th anniversary events.
Imagine the flood of emotions called forth when our 10-member delegation visited the Du Bois Centre for Pan-African Culture in Accra, where his body rests, and the ashes of his widow, Shirley Graham Du Bois, reside.
Bishop Matthews, who often faces varying levels of acceptance when she travels abroad, stated, "the ordained leadership of the church is called forth from the baptized," which includes both men and women.
The author also illustrates how the invigorating presence of committed SCN women alongside the Jesuits, their partners in mission, answered a need that called forth a courageous response from the people they served.
We follow the making of racialist colonial society and the upheavals that rendered it--in the Whites' self image-- "one of the freest republics on earth;" at the same time we see that there had been called forth a strong culture of slave resistances.
One of these, the victory of Hellenistic/Roman civilization, shattered biblical Judaism and called forth a response (analogous to the response of Torah) in the form of Rabbinic Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The former manipulated chorister vocal flight and cathedral bells, the latter called forth Allen's soprano saxophone clucks, rather minimal compared to the aggressively percussive tape sounds.
He drew the illustrations out of the emotions the poems called forth from him personally, not from my suggestions about what they mean.
The wealth of individuality that both called forth and overwhelmed static conceptions of order thus fostered a process of dynamic ordering that highlighted the knowing self.