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(kăl′ĭ-pĕr) [Fr. calibre, diameter of bore of gun]
A hinged instrument for measuring thickness or diameter.
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Request for the Sample of the Report: The global market for automotive brake caliper is segmented as per vehicle type, product type, by distribution channel, and by piston material.
Global Brake Caliper Market is predicted to grow significantly in the coming years owing to the mandatory use of brake caliper in vehicles and increase in demand for automobiles worldwide.
The caliper was engineered using 'generative design,' a method that enables a computer to explore many iterations to achieve balance between strength and weight.
Three major factors are considered in brake caliper material selection: cost, performance and space.
With a digital caliper (recommended), you first zero the caliper with the attachment installed and closed.
That would have been sufficient, but it would require reaching down to loosen the caliper any time he wanted to change the scope's aim in altitude--impossible to do while hunting down or tracking an object unless you're using a very small telescope.
We had three different release models with the following mechanisms; double caliper (Scott Shark), single caliper (Scott Little Goose) and string-loop hook (Scott Silverhorn).
"AP Racing will always act to protect its intellectual property rights around the world, in order to safeguard our research and development work going forward.' Offering less mass, improved rigidity and better cooling characteristics than conventional brake caliper designs, the Radi-CAL concept represented a major innovation in braking technology when it was introduced.
If it's a loose caliper, or a caliper bracket that's not attached properly to the steering knuckle, you'd be more likely to hear the rattling when you go over bumps, too.
Then loosen the caliper retaining bolts with a socket and ratchet (Photo 1).
PerkinElmer revealed in September an agreement to buy Caliper for USD10.50 per share.