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(kăl′ĭ-pĕr) [Fr. calibre, diameter of bore of gun]
A hinged instrument for measuring thickness or diameter.
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As an increasing number of companies struggle to find the right talent and fail to maximize the full value of existing talent, the additional benefits of Caliper Analytics range from reducing time-to-hire and turnover, to increasing career path opportunities, and driving productivity through to improved alignment with business strategies and corporate culture.
We feel that we can take the intellectual property in technology and capabilities that Caliper has and put it across all the end markets of PerkinElmer.
Caliper Life Sciences is a premier provider of cutting-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences industry to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests more quickly and efficiently.
The start of production of Phenolic molding compounds for disc brake caliper pistons in Suzhou addresses to our customer's local supply needs for the automotive market in China.
Caliper Life Sciences can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.
LabChip is a registered trademark of Caliper Technologies Corp.
The Pall Acrodisc(R) PSF syringe filter becomes the only syringe filter Caliper Life Sciences (NASDAQ: CALP) certifies for its automated laboratory systems.
COG 2011 will be a landmark event for Caliper," said Kevin Hrusovsky, President and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences.
a leader in enterprise manufacturing performance management systems for the life sciences and industrial markets, today announced that Caliper Technologies Corp.
Caliper Expands Automated Library Preparation and Target Enrichment Offerings and Highlights Customer Presentations at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Conference -
Caliper to Distribute Trinean's DropSense Platform in North America as Part of Caliper's LabChip Product Line -