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 (Cf) [kal″ĭ-for´ne-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 98, atomic weight 249. (See Appendix 6.)
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cal·i·for·ni·um (Cf),

An artificial transuranium element, symbol Cf, atomic no. 98, atomic wt. 251.08; half-life of 251Cf (the most stable known isotope) is 900 years.
[California, state and university where first prepared]
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(Cf) (kal'i-fōr'nē-ŭm)
An artificial transuranium element, symbol Cf, atomic no. 98, atomic wt. 251.08.
[California, state and university where first prepared]
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31st state, admitted to the United States in 1850.
California encephalitis - encephalitis caused by genus Bunyavirus; may be seen in domestic animals and rodents.
californium - man-made radioactive actinide, chemical symbol Cf, used in radiotherapy.
California Psychological Inventory Test - personality inventory with emphasis on social interaction.
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californium. Purported nuclear ribosomal pseudogenes and sequence variants have been observed within Symbiodinium before (Santos et al., 2003b; Kirk et al, 2005; Thornhill et al, 2007), potentially confounding cloning-based diversity estimates and complicating analysis (Thornhill et al, 2007; Stat et al, 2009).
californium was reportedly isolated in culture from southern A.
Three times--once in the first run in 2002 and twice in the second run in 2005--atoms of californium and calcium combined to form the new element, which contains 118 protons and 176 neutrons.
music-mad W2 (2) Caesium musicale Calcium calumbic aciculum Californium
californium to produce MAAs in culture is also strong evidence that zooxanthellae are not the source of the MAAs found in those symbiotic specimens of A.