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 [soo´ra] (L.)
calf. adj., adj su´ral.
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, pl.


(kaf, kavz),
1. A young bovine animal, male or female. Synonym(s): sura
2. The posterior prominence of the leg, caused by the underlying triceps surae muscles (lateral and medial heads of gastrocnemius and soleus).
[Gael. kalpa]
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calf 1

(kăf, käf)
n. pl. calves (kăvz, kävz)
a. A young cow or bull.
b. One of the young of certain other mammals, such as moose, elephants, or whales.

calf 2

(kăf, käf)
n. pl. calves (kăvz, kävz)
The fleshy muscular back part of the human leg between the knee and ankle.
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The fleshy part of the posterior lower leg, which is composed primarily of gastrocnemius muscle.
Veterinary medicine
A young cow from birth until it is weaned.
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su·ral re·gion

(sūr'ăl rē'jŭn) [TA]
The muscular swelling of the back of the leg below the knee, formed chiefly by the bellies of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.
Synonym(s): calf.
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Q. I have just developed a pain in my calf - feels like it clicks when I walk, and is a sharp pain I first noticed this problem this morning. As I stepped out of my car, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf, and it has gone worse as the day has gone on. No pain until I walk.

A. as i think of it- fatman's answer seems more logical. but usually people can tell the difference between strained muscle and other stuff. if it was just a pulled muscle he would have thought of it and naturally massage the area. no?

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of calf starter. The calf now has a functional rumen and is capable of rumination.
To get a successful transition to a ruminant early access and greater consumption of solid feed (calf starter) are of paramount importance.
The ration for treatment group was prepared as 20% chopped dry meadow grass + 80% concentrate calf starter feed I between the birth and 3-months of age; 30% chopped dry meadow grass + 70% concentrate calf starter feed II between 3 -6 months of age.
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