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 [soo´ra] (L.)
calf. adj., adj su´ral.


, pl.


(kaf, kavz),
1. A young bovine animal, male or female. Synonym(s): sura
2. The posterior prominence of the leg, caused by the underlying triceps surae muscles (lateral and medial heads of gastrocnemius and soleus).
[Gael. kalpa]


(kaf) sura; the fleshy back part of the leg below the knee.

calf 1

(kăf, käf)
n. pl. calves (kăvz, kävz)
a. A young cow or bull.
b. One of the young of certain other mammals, such as moose, elephants, or whales.

calf 2

(kăf, käf)
n. pl. calves (kăvz, kävz)
The fleshy muscular back part of the human leg between the knee and ankle.


pl. calves
Etymology: ONorse, kalfi
the fleshy mass at the back of the leg below the knee, composed chiefly of the gastrocnemius muscle.


The fleshy part of the posterior lower leg, which is composed primarily of gastrocnemius muscle.
Veterinary medicine
A young cow from birth until it is weaned.

su·ral re·gion

(sūr'ăl rē'jŭn) [TA]
The muscular swelling of the back of the leg below the knee, formed chiefly by the bellies of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.
Synonym(s): calf.


1. bovine young less than one year old.
2. young of other species including elephant, larger deer, e.g. red, Japanese sika, wapiti, elk, moose, reindeer, and also pinnipeds and cetaceans.
3. in dogs refers to the region of the hindlimb between the stifle and the hock.

bull calf
male entire bovine under one year of age.
calf crop
the group of calves born to a herd of cows during one breeding season.
calf crop percentage
the percentage of calves born to the cows bred or exposed to breeding bulls.
calf diarrhea
fetal calf
includes unborn and stillborn calves. Can be identified by the presence of atelectasis of the entire lungs, patency of the umbilical vessels which also contain unclotted blood, sodden quality of the skin, high water and nil fat content of the tissues, absence of milk from the gut. Called also slink. See also slink calves.
calf puller
see fetal extractor.
calf starter
artificial feeding of calves includes liquid milk replacer and dry calf starter, the latter being provided from about one week of age. At 3 to 6 weeks the calf is able to exist solely on starter and the milk replacer or milk can be discontinued. Calf starters vary a great deal in composition, quality and price. They need to have a high digestibility coefficient, a high energy content and at least 18% crude protein.
with calf
a pregnant cow.

Patient discussion about calf

Q. I have just developed a pain in my calf - feels like it clicks when I walk, and is a sharp pain I first noticed this problem this morning. As I stepped out of my car, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf, and it has gone worse as the day has gone on. No pain until I walk.

A. as i think of it- fatman's answer seems more logical. but usually people can tell the difference between strained muscle and other stuff. if it was just a pulled muscle he would have thought of it and naturally massage the area. no?

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Later under the care of a veterinarian, the calf was brought to the Tata Zoological Park located in Jamshedpur city, which is close to the Ghatsila on Tuesday (September 29).
In discussions with area biologists statewide we found calf harvest in Alaska to be a small portion (<5%) of the annual harvest.
Huber, in summarizing the research done on the development of calf digestive systems states:
2004) indicated that the groups supplied with calf starter feed and roughage had higher starter feed consumption and live weights at the end of experiments and related these better outcomes with higher feed conversion ratios and improved rumen systems.
The term "imprinting" is the popular term used to describe the bonding process that takes place between a calf and a human in the first 48 hours of a calf's life.
Ped Lim 1st calver + Lim bull calf sired by Lodge Hamlet to PS6,000; 1st calver + Lim hfr calf sired by Ampertaine Gustav to PS3,020; 3rd outfit + bull calf to PS2,850; Lim cows + Lim calves to PS2,500; Lim x 1st calvers + Lim calves to PS2,300; BB cows + Lim x calves to PS3,000; 2012 born cow incalf to Dolcorsllwyn Caio to PS2,350; 2011 cow + hfr calf to PS2,480; BB x 1 st calvers + Lim x calves to PS2,000; Hfd x 1 st calvers + Lim x hfr calves to PS1,980; 2014 born Lim x BB bull to PS2,800.
For the youngsters, preparing a pedigree calf for the showing is a great learning experience, although there is a fair bit of work involved.
Yet to be named, he will join the rest of the herd - Bernhardine, Asha, Yasmin and the new calf which was born to parents Anak and Upali last month - in the zoo's Kaziranga Forest Trail.
Turkish villager AkgE-l BE-yE-kkaya looks after a new-born calf at home as a baby.