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An F-actin cross-linking protein that, at low or absent calcium levels, binds to tropomyosin and actin and prevents myosin binding.
[calcium + G. desmos, bond, fr. deō, to bind]
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The expression of proteins associated with cytoskeleton and its regulations namely myosin light polypeptide 6 isoform 1 (MYL6), p27BBP protein (eIF6), dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 2 isoform 2 (DPYSL2), caldesmon (CALD1), T-complex protein 1 subunit theta isoform 1 (CCT8) and Chain A, crystal structure of AlixAIP1 (PDCD6IP) were all downregulated by MNQ.
Phosphorylation of smooth muscle caldesmon by mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase and expression of MAP kinase in differentiated smooth muscle cells.
Immunohistochemical studies demonstrated the expression of vimentin, smooth muscle actin (SMA), actin (HHF35), and caldesmon.
The mesenchymal component was positive for vimentin and CD 10, focally positive for CD68 and factor XIII, and negative for cytokeratin, S-100, caldesmon, and smooth-muscle actin (figure 3, B).
CTGF was observed to induce the expression of the actin/myosin-binding protein caldesmon, the myosin regulatory chain and T-plastin alongside Arp-3 and fibronectin.
Therefore, we diagnosed this case as a SFT based on the following histological features: the tumour cells were diffusely and strongly positive for CD34, and a positive expression of bcl-2, CD99 and Caldesmon was also present in this case.
Immunohistochemical analysis revealed the stromal component to be strongly smooth muscle actin (SMA) positive, with patchy, weak positivity forvimentin and caldesmon.
3 provirus ancestral Env polyprotein 32 Hippocalcin-like protein 1 (Visinin-like protein 3) (VILIP-3) 33 Non-muscle caldesmon 43 Annexin A5 (Annexin V) (Lipocortin V) (Endonexin II) 44 Calpain small subunit 1 (CSS1) 48 Heat shock cognate 71 kDa protein (Heat shock 70 kDa protein 8) 49 60 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial precursor (Hsp60) 57 Prolyl 4-hydroxylase alpha-2 subunit precursor (EC 1.
Caldesmon cDNA platform hybridization results showed decreases in gene expression levels for the high-dose methapyrilene 7-day pooled samples compared with their controls.
Utilization of troponin C as a model calcium binding protein for mapping of the calmodulin-binding sites of caldesmon.
Furthermore, the tumor stained negative for desmin and caldesmon, excluding epithelioid leiomyoma and myopericytoma.
2 (10/15, 67%), CK18 (6/6, 100%), actin (23/25, 92%), desmin (15/19, 79%), caldesmon (4/7, 57%, rare cells), p53 (10/13, 77%); most lacked S100 (0/14), CD34 (0/13) and CD117 (2/13, 15%).