calculated serum osmolality

cal·cu·lat·ed se·rum os·mo·lal·i·ty

the calculation of serum osmolality from serum sodium, glucose, and urea nitrogen values by a variety of formulae, the most common of which is: 1.86 × [Na] (mmol/L + glucose (mg/dL)/18 + BUN (mg/dL)/2.8.
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The patient's calculated serum osmolality was high 281.5 mOsm/kg, his calculated urinary osmolality was low 67.7 mOsm/kg and he had hyponatriuria (urine [Na.sup.+]: 15 mmol/L).
The serum electrolytes were all within normal ranges, and her calculated serum osmolality was elevated at 304 mmol/kg.