calcium sulfite

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cal·ci·um sul·fite

used as an intestinal antiseptic, and locally in the treatment of parasitic skin diseases.
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The white precipitate was most likely calcium sulfite, which is formed when [Ca.sup.2+] ions, released into solution as the calcium carbonate reacts, combine with S[O.sub.3.sup.2-] ions.
Structural Composites from Recycled HDPE and Calcium Sulfite Crystallites [INT1] by Vivak Malhotra, Southern Illinois Univ.
Equipment at today's coal-fired power plants is producing a by-product known as calcium sulfite (CaS[O.sub.3]) that can be converted to calcium sulfate dehydrate (CaS[O.sub.4] 2[H.sub.2]O), better known as FGD (flue gas desulfurization) recaptured (synthetic) gypsum, through a process at the plant known as forced oxidation.