calcium stearate

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cal·ci·um ste·a·rate

a soap used in the preparation of tablets as a lubricant for tablet machinery and to keep powder mixtures flowing.
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Based on Figure 6, it can be confirmed that the addition of calcium stearate to the 20 MPa concrete quality decreased the compressive strength.
Subway[R] Canada (but not Subway U.S.) lists calcium stearate in its Honey Oat Bread.
The basic recipe of flame-retarded PVC composite is determined as 100 g of PVC, 50 g of DOP, 8 g of tribasic lead sulfate, 0.8 g of stearic acid, 0.6 g of calcium stearate, 0.6 g of lead stearate, and a proper amount of ZHS@MDFP flame retardant.
Also, available in a variety of forms, Doverlube calcium stearate and zinc stearate will be followed by magnesium stearate and aluminum stearate.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global calcium stearate market to grow at a CAGR of 5.14 percent over the period 2014-2019.
The following changes to our halobutyl products took place in the last few years: (1) vegetable-base calcium stearate, (2) cocatalyst and (3) bale wrap.
C=O vibrations, derived from calcium stearate (1794 [cm.sup.-1]) and DINP (1732 [cm.sup.-1]) and [CO.sub.3.sup.2-] (around 1457 [cm.sup.-1]), derived from [CaCO.sub.3] confirmed the presence of additives.
* Kosher Hy Dense calcium stearate for multiple applications including food packaging.
The company's calcium stearate powder is a slightly over-based, high quality calcium carboxylate of stearic (C-18) and palmitic (C-16) acids that is produced by a highly intensive fusion process.
Next, half the required amount of LDPE (together with calcium stearate when appropriate), all the titanium pigment, and the remaining LDPE were put into the preheated chamber.
In this article, the strategy involves incorporating a LMW metal soap, calcium stearate ([CaSt.sub.2]), in a polymer matrix at the processing temperature, and the fatty acid molecule evolves through coasscmbly to provide reinforcing domains similar in morphology to that required for rigid-particle toughening.