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6 Calcium channel blockers may cause vasculitis as their side effect.
Aside from standard cardiopulmonary measures in calcium channel blocker overdoses, additional commonly employed resuscitative therapies have included gastric lavage, multi-dose oral or nasogastric activated charcoal, flumazenil infusion, naloxone infusion, insulin and glucagon intravenous boluses, continuous calcium gluconate infusion, intravenous antiarrhythmics as indicated, and vasopressor support during mechanical ventilation.
This study was planned to evaluate the effects of extract from the fruits of Ammi visnaga having documented natural calcium blocker and Verapamil which is also a calcium channel blocker, on the volume and acidity of Carbachol induced gastric secretion.
Gastric lavage should be performed and active charcoal should be given to decrease the absorption of the drug and increase excretion for treatment of calcium channel blocker intoxication.
Prostaglandin inhibitors and calcium channel blockers delay delivery and improve short-term neonatal outcomes
The role of insulin and glucose (hyperinsulinemia/euglycemia) therapy in acute calcium channel antagonist and beta blocker poisoning.
Inhibitory action of a calcium channel blocker (nimodipine) on seizure and brain damage induced by pilocarpine and lithium-pilocarpine in rats.
In addition to reducing stroke risk, calcium channel blockers may also have a neuroprotective effect.
So if your doctor prescribes an ACE inhibitor or calcium channel blocker, ask for a diuretic instead.
In 2002 researchers reported that among patients followed for four to eight years the diuretic was better than the calcium channel blocker in preventing heart failure and better than the ACE inhibitor in preventing stroke, heart failure and overall cardiovascular disease.
The aberrant calcium channel protein that causes this type of night blindness is missing the tail end of the protein.
Whitehouse Station, NJ) will terminate the research collaboration and license agreement for novel compounds targeting N-type calcium channels for the treatment of pain and other disorders, which the companies entered into in March of 2006.

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