calcium carbide

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cal·ci·um car·bide

blackish crystalline lumps that yield acetylene gas when in contact with water.
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'Calcium carbide is a known carcinogen, a cancer-producing chemical.
Initially, the unconfined compressive strength increases with the increase of the drying-wetting cycle, which could be attributed to the uncompleted physical and chemical reactions between the calcium carbide slag, the expansive soil, and the existing water in the specimen.
Recently, solid calcium carbide (CaC2) has been shown as a potent source of ethylene which is formed gradually after microbial reduction of acetylene in soil (Yaseen et al., 2006; Kashif et al., 2008).
[8.] Krammart, P., and Tangtermsirikul, S., A Study on Cement Made by Partially Replacing Cement Raw Materials with Municipal Solid Waste Ash and Calcium Carbide Waste, Science Asia, 29, 2003, pp.
Recently, use of solid coated calcium carbide (CaC2) has emerged as aneffective soil amendment which upon its reaction with soil moisture produces acetylene (C2H2) gas which can prolong the availability of NH4+ and NO3- in soil which is otherwise very low due to various losses of these ions (Walter et al., 1979; Freney et al., 1993, 2000; Thompson, 1996; Bolman and Conrad, 1997; Hayden and Ross, 2005).
Stuart Prescott, a senior lecturer in chemical engineering at the University of New South Wales in Australia, said water was recommended to extinguish the two nitrates but a chemical powder was needed for calcium carbide.
To know the reality behind artificial ripening of mangoes, M AIL T ODAY visited the Azadpur fruits market and found that calcium carbide is widely used to give the fruit a robust look, pulpiness and aroma and to subvert the period it takes for mangoes to ripen naturally.
Expensive desulphurisation agents, such as high-grade burnt lime or magnesium, or those that are difficult to handle, for example calcium carbide, no longer need to be procured separately.
With six major production plants in Mudanjiang and Heihe, the Group is principally engaged in the production of chemical raw materials including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl acetate (VA) and calcium carbide (CC) and subsequent supply to construction and automobile industries in China.
Keywords: Tomato cultivars, calcium carbide, photosynthesis, water use efficiency, yield
Promoting health environment through enhanced nitrogen efficiency and improve crop yield using calcium carbide. Development in Soil Sciences.
Carbide Industries is the nation's largest supplier of calcium carbide, which is the raw material used in the generation of acetylene gas.