calcium carbide

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cal·ci·um car·bide

blackish crystalline lumps that yield acetylene gas when in contact with water.

calcium carbide (CaC2)

a gray or black crystalline compound produced from lime and coke. When mixed with water, it yields acetylene gas (C2H2), which has been used as an anesthetic and was once used as a source of illumination in miners' lamps.
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Table IV-2-1-1 Overview of top 30 PVC producers by calcium carbide method in China, 2009
The price of Calcium carbide in Chinese market Jan 2007- Jun2008
Responding to the earlier notice of the High Court, the Telangana government submitted a report saying that it had raided four fruit markets in Hyderabad and seized a large quantity of Calcium Carbide.
At that point no one knew, it wasn't that the fire fighters were stupid," Lei said, adding that it was a large warehouse and they didn't know the exact location of the calcium carbide.
To know the reality behind artificial ripening of mangoes, M AIL T ODAY visited the Azadpur fruits market and found that calcium carbide is widely used to give the fruit a robust look, pulpiness and aroma and to subvert the period it takes for mangoes to ripen naturally.
It is therefore no longer necessary to buy in additional desulphurisation agents such as high-grade burnt lime, calcium carbide or magnesium separately.
Hong Kong, May 30, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - China Zenith Chemical Group Limited ("China Zenith" or the "Group", stock code: 362) announces that the Group plans to relocate its calcium carbide production facility in Mudanjiang, in southeastern Heilongjiang Province of China to Heihe, and subsequently sell and redevelop the vacant land in order to realise the intrinsic value of the land resource.
Saif completed his studies at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), where he conducted research on calcium carbide as a source of ethylene and studied its effects on vegetables especially okra, chillies and tomato.
Carbide waste is a by-product produced from the use of calcium carbide to generate acetylene gas.
National Windscreens branch manager Richard Bates said he has now discovered the canister was filled with calcium carbide which gives off a flame when activated to light the way for mountaineers and people exploring caves.
The current tragedy has implications for industry-wide problems in both welding and other fields with regards to the shortage of calcium carbide and the extra expenses which will passed on to everyone.
These firms are mainly in the aluminium, cement, steel, zinc, ferroalloy, calcium carbide and sodium hydroxide sectors.