edetate calcium disodium

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ed·e·tate cal·ci·um di·so·di·um

(ed'ă-tāt kal'sē-ŭm dī-sō'dē-ŭm),
Contracted name for a salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetate, an agent used as a chelator of lead and some other heavy metals. Available in several forms: disodium, sodium, and trisodium.

edetate calcium disodium (EDTA)

a chelating agent used to treat lead poisoning. It is not the same as edetate disodium.

edetate calcium disodium

A chelating agent capable of reducing poisonous levels of heavy metals, such as lead, manganese and iron, in the body. It has the advantage over edetate sodium that it has a lower affinity for calcium than for these heavier metals. It does not, however, remove mercury.

Edetate calcium disodium (EDTA calcium)

A chemical agent used to remove excess lead from the body.
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Because of the radio-dense material in the gizzard, the hornbill was also treated with calcium EDTA (35 mg/kg IM q12h for 5 days).
Consider if there were a ban of disodium EDTA and calcium EDTA.
For this reason, measurements of the body burden of lead have been made by use of bone biopsy (70), non-invasive X-ray fluorescence of bone lead (69), or the chelation of lead by means of either calcium EDTA infusions (71) or oral DMSA (72).
Calcium EDTA has also been used in various forms with claims of effectiveness for vascular disease.
Preliminary chelation therapy with calcium EDTA (30 mg/kg IM ql2h for 5 days) was done at the field site by biologists before the birds arrived at the Phoenix Zoo; all surgeries and further medical treatment were conducted at the zoo.
Today, If I want to test a patient because there are indications that they have high levels of lead or arsenic, I use calcium EDTA.
ApotheCure was one of the first compounders in the US and has spent the past 22 years proudly developing many beneficial compounds such as the bioidentical hormones and calcium EDTA.
Walter Blumer, MD, in Switzerland reported his experience in 1980 with calcium EDTA intravenous treatments administered over 10 years, showing a 90% reduction in cancer incidence in the 59 patients.
1) The FDA has approved calcium EDTA to remove such metals from the body.
The more common calcium EDTA is approved to treat lead poisoning and other chelation drugs are used to manage iron overload following repeated blood transfusions.
The concern about using calcium EDTA is that you do not get a lowering of the serum calcium, which is the mechanism that inhibits platelet aggregation and might stabilize the vulnerable plaque.
5), (7), (55), (67) Doctor's Data found that calcium EDTA removes more lead than disodium EDTA per infusion.