calcific tendinitis

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calcific tendinitis

Inflammation of a tendon accompanied by focal calcium deposits, especially common in the supraspinatus tendon of shoulder joint.

Clinical findings
Pain, decreased range of motion.

Diet—calcium restriction, magnesium supplementation; extracorporeal shock wave therapy; analgesics/NSAIDs; physical therapy—electroanalgesia, ice therapy, heat; ultrasound (uncertain efficacy), iontophoresis (uncertain efficacy), injections, needling and lavage (75% response rate); corticosteroid injections (useful if shoulder is acutely inflamed); removal of deposits by open or arthroscopic procedures yields a 90% response rate.

cal·cif·ic ten·din·i·tis

(kal-sif'ik ten'din-ī'tis)
Chronic tendinitis with formation of mineral deposits in and around the tendon.

calcific tendinitis

An inflammatory disorder of the rotator cuff tendons involving calcification most commonly close to the insertion of the supraspinatus tendon on the greater tuberosity of the humerus. About half of those with the disorder suffer shoulder pain and limitation of movement at the shoulder. The condition is self-limiting but recovery can be hastened by ultrasound treatment.