calcified cartilage

cal·ci·fied car·ti·lage

cartilage in which calcium salts are deposited in the matrix; it occurs prior to replacement by osseous tissue and sometimes in aging cartilage.
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Effects of calcified cartilage on healing of chondral defects treated with microfracture in horses.
had compared the amount of bounded bovine chondrocytes on various surfaces of middle deep zone bone or calcified cartilage or hyaline cartilage.
Synovial chondromatosis can be confused with tumoral CPPDCD, especially when heavily calcified cartilage matrix may obscure its cartilaginous nature.
Analysis of the mineral composition of the human calcified cartilage z one.
3] Thus primitive calcified cartilage persists in abundance and medullary space is never allowed to form.
The bodies tend to have a "popcorn ball" appearance characteristic of calcified cartilage.
1) Although CT is not the best imaging modality for evaluation of the uncalcified cartilage cap, calcified cartilage can be well depicted on CT.
Finally, the calcified cartilage zone, the region just below the tidemark, has few cells with low metabolic activity.
Next, the calcified cartilage at the base of the lesion is completely removed.
Cullen, 25, will undergo surgery to have his cartilage tidied up and bits of calcified cartilage removed, leaving him unavailable for the Tests against Samoa, Argentina and France.
9) The debridement should include resection of all unstable cartilage back to a stable rim, with abrasion of exposed calcified cartilage.