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excess of calcium in the blood; called also calcemia. See calcium, and see table of Electrolyte Imbalances at electrolyte.
idiopathic hypercalcemia a condition of infants, associated with vitamin D intoxication, characterized by elevated serum calcium levels, increased skeletal density, mental deterioration, and nephrocalcinosis.
hypercalcemia of malignancy abnormal elevation of serum calcium associated with malignant tumors, resulting from osteolysis caused by bone metastases or by the action of circulating osteoclast-activating factors released from distant tumor cells (known as humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy).
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Synonym(s): hypercalcemia, calcaemia.
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Hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia were defined based on the reference ranges in the local clinical laboratory as serum calcemia < 2.17 mmol/L and serum phosphate < 0.81mmol/L.
Pathological calcification are classified as either metastatic (associated with hypercalcemia) or dystrophic (associated with hormonal calcemia) [2].
Reconocieron la anemia, la calcemia y la funcion renal, como variables clinicas que predecian una evolucion desfavorable de la enfermedad.
Uma pequena percentagem de gatos possui tecido paratireoideo ectopico no mediastino anterior, porem este tecido nao e capaz de manter os niveis de calcemia normais imediatamente apos a paratireoidectomia (NAAN et al., 2006).