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During the manipulation, some doctors may apply counter-pressure on the calcaneocuboid joint, which may be the main reason behind the failure of the treatment or recurrence of the deformity.
Approximately 40% of JIA patients will experience rear foot (i.e., subtalar) joint synovitis [8], while the midfoot (talonavicular and calcaneocuboid) and phalangeal joints appear to be less affected [5].
However, there has never been a report of psychogenic equinovarus caused by dislocation of the Chopart joint complex (the articulation between the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints) confirmed on computed tomography (CT) images.
The maximal stress in the cartilage of the primary foot joints (talonavicular, calcaneocuboid, tibiotalar, and talofibular joints) is shown in Figure 6.
Taken together, this suggested that the adjacent joint such as talonavicular or calcaneocuboid joint in midfoot may influence the coronal alignment of the hindfoot.
Sequelae include loss of height, heel widening subfibular impingement, calcaneocuboid joint impingement, varus heel, and posttraumatic arthrosis.
CT clearly demonstrated a minimally displaced, comminuted cuboid fracture with articular extension into both the calcaneocuboid joint posteriorly and the cuboid-metatarsal joints anteriorly, with little to no articular incongruity (Fig.
1.0 = lateral border curves at calcaneocuboid joint.
However, in addition to the long duration of postoperative recovery, some patients are at risk of serious side effects including reflex sympathetic dystrophy, flat foot or posterior tibial nerve injury, and calcaneocuboid and midtarsal joint pain [7,46].
(type 3), and types 1 to 3 plus subtalar, calcaneocuboid, or talonavicular arthritis (type 4).
(7,13) When arising from within the joints, the tarsometatarsal, metatarsophalangeal and calcaneocuboid are common origin points.
Platt, a sophomore, started 24 of 27 games this season, averaging 3.1 points and 2.1 rebounds per game despite suffering pain in his calcaneocuboid joint for most of that time.