calcaneal tubercle

cal·ca·ne·al tu·ber·cle

the projection, often double, on the inferior aspect of the calcaneus at the anterior end of the area for attachment of the long plantar ligament.
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The patients who did not show the classic symptoms and signs of proximal plantar fasciitis as well as tenderness localized to the medial calcaneal tubercle and pain with the first steps in the morning they were disqualified from the study.
It originates at the medial calcaneal tubercle, attaches to the phalanges, and provides stability and arch support to the foot.
2) Initially the pain presents diffusely, but over time it localizes to the area of the medial calcaneal tubercle.
4,6) Look for heel pad swelling, inflammation, or atrophy, and palpate the heel, plantar fascia, and calcaneal tubercle.
The most common exam finding in PF is pain at the medial calcaneal tubercle, which may be exacerbated with passive ankle dorsiflexion or first digit extension.
12) Lateral radiographs are usually unremarkable; however a small percentage of patients will have a bony spur located at the medial calcaneal tubercle.
After a period of 1 year, she reported that her pain was characterized as a constant, dull ache localized over the medial calcaneal tubercle with an intensity of 5/10.
27) The custom orthotics may incorporate a viscoelastic polymer-filled heel cushion at the medial calcaneal tubercle for additional pressure relief.
Corticosteroid therapy consisted of one dose of 80 mg of methylprednisolone and 2 mL of bupivacaine, injected directly into the point of tenderness at the medial calcaneal tubercle.
It is on the plantar surface of the heel, sometimes radiating to the arch, and may localize to the insertion of the plantar fascia on the medial calcaneal tubercle (FIGURE 2).
The tender spot is the medial calcaneal tubercle, with pain radiating through the arch.