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Propertius 3.3, where he describes his own initiation on Helicon involving a cave decorated with, among other things, a day portrait of Silenus and calami (the same instruments that Linus will hand over to Gallus).
The deep-sea and high-latitude species Voss (1988) assigned to Eledoninae (excluding species of Eledone that could not be included) score positively on PC3, indicative of relatively long calami, and near zero on PC2.
If species that produced wide spermatophores had long ligulae or calami, the plot would show a U-shape, which it does not.
Hanlon and Messenger (1996) could not document body patterning complexity among octopuses from deep-sea and high-latitude environments where visual predators are thought to be rare, if ligula and calamus lengths reflect the level of predation by visual predators, octopuses from these areas are predicted to have long ligulae, calami, or both.