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crocodilian reptile of the family Alligatoridae, very similar to alligators; resident in Central and South America. Genus name is Caiman, e.g. C. sclerops the spectacled caiman.

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One of the main results of the study is that most high-density populations that have been subjected to harvesting for more than 4 years, still contain high densities of caimans and, thus, a high degree of sustainability is involved.
La Alligatorinae incluye cuatro generos con especies sobrevivientes: Alligator, el cual contiene dos especies; Caiman, definido con dos especies; Paleosuchus, con dos especies de caimanes enanos y Melanosuchus, el caiman negro.
Chavez C (2000) Conservacion de las poblaciones del caiman del Orinoco (Crocodylus intermedius) en Venezuela.
Successful examples have shown that sustainable farming of the Pantanal caiman (Caiman crocodilus yacare) can contributed to a healthy ecosystem (VERDADE, 2004; VICENTE NETO et al.
Caimans eat crustaceans, fish, small mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.
One of the caimans, which can grow to five feet long SIMON GREENER
yacare during nest guarding and when young caimans are emitting distress calls in the following weeks after their hatch.
Officials also feared that anyone buying the baby Caimans probably would not appreciate that adult Caimans reach over two metres long and owners may well have been forced to abandon them into the wild.
To test the relationship between presence of caimans and human impact, we summed the number of respective impacts observed in each locality visited according to the categories cited above.
El objetivo del trabajo fue comparar los erectos de dos diferentes dietas sobre el desarrollo de ejemplares sub-adultos de Caiman yacare en un criadero del nordeste argentino.