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crocodilian reptile of the family Alligatoridae, very similar to alligators; resident in Central and South America. Genus name is Caiman, e.g. C. sclerops the spectacled caiman.

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The eyes of the caiman could still be seen glistening in the water, but we slept soundly anyway.
If the caiman had rolled after Perkins leashed him, the animal could have strangled on the cable loop, Wellington said.
We believed that in the 1980s the caiman populations were smaller, but we have concluded they are more abundant than we thought,'' the newspaper quoted agronomist Luciano Verdade as saying.
After the other people in the boat stopped screaming, Shelly got to hold the caiman in her lap.
DRI will contribute gathering and processing assets into the JV, and Caiman will contribute private equity.
Wildlife photographer Justin Black, 39, who captured the amazing shots, said: "The caiman must have weighed around 150lb, but the jaguar lifted it up in its jaws and trotted off with it as if it was a doggie bone.
Caiman Energy II continues its Marcellus shale success in bringing the best practices of midstream infrastructure to the Utica shale play, and Lafield will discuss these activities and Caiman's outlook for additional supply and demand.
El objetivo del ensayo fue obtener valores de referencia y variaciones fisiologicas de dichos parametros en ejemplares juveniles de Caiman latirostris y Caimanyacare.
Identified as a Caiman crocodile, which could "pull of a man's limb in one bite" by an Italian animal rights group, not surprisingly it is considered too dangerous to own as a family pet.
The tape is part of an emergency egress light kit that comes with NSN 9390-01-568-1116 for the Caiman.
WRESTLING champion Caiman fights for the last time this Friday and brings the curtain down on a glittering career that has spanned more than six years.