cafe-au-lait spots

ca·fé-au-lait spots

(ka-fā'ō-lā' spots)
Pigmented cutaneous lesions, ranging from light to dark brown; due to excess of melanosomes in the malpighian cells, rather than to an excess of melanocytes; major cutaneous manifestation of neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen disease).
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Multiple cafe-au-lait spots and axillary freckles were observed in the anterior and posterior aspect of the body during the physical examination.
Clinically, NF-1 is characterized by cafe-au-lait spots, freckling, skin neurofibroma, plexiform neurofibroma, bony defects, Lisch nodules, and tumors of the central nervous system.
Since then, diagnosis has been based on the presence of neurocutaneous stigmata such as cafe-au-lait spots, axillary, inguinal freckling and cutaneous or subcutaneous neurofibromas and iris hamartomas (Lisch nodules).
Keywords: Cafe-au-lait spots, Neurofibromatosis, Neurocutaneous, Oligodendroglioma.
NF-1 is characterized by cutaneous and plexiform neurofibromas, skin pigmentation (axillary and inguinal freckling, cafe-au-lait spots), Lisch nodules, optic glioma or skeletal dysplasias [4, 5].
The bony lesions, involved gonads, and cafe-au-lait spots are typically all on the same side of the body.
* Cafe-au-lait spots are well-circumscribed, evenly pigmented, light to dark brown macules and/or patches with an average size of 2 to 5 cm (FIGURE 1B).
On physical examination, there were multiple cafe-au-lait spots and presence of axillary freckles.
Dermatologic exams for children with NF1 should include evaluation for the presence of cafe-au-lait spots, neurofibromas, plexiform neurofibromas, and skinfold freckling.
Common abnormalities were growth retardation, cafe-au-lait spots, hyperpigmentation, microcephaly, finger and thumb deformities Figure 1), Sprengel deformity, and hypogenitalism.
Cutaneous and plexiform fibromas, cafe-au-lait spots, and optic gliomas are common findings in this hereditary condition.