Caesarean section

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Caesarean section

Patient discussion about Caesarean section

Q. What are the risks of C-section? See that all the pregnant movie stars are having C- sections instead of natural child birth. Maybe I should have one too, instead of giving birth regularly? Are there any risks?

A. Thanks.. Now I understand better the risks of c-section.

Q. How is a C-section done? My wife is expecting twins and her Doctor scheduled a C- section for her. How is it done?

A. My wife had a c-section done when we had our daughter. I did not get to see the procedure, but I did hear it. It was graphic, but really quick.

Q. When is a C-section needed? My wife is pregnant now and I wanted to know when do women need to have a C- section as opposed to natural birth?

A. sually a C- section is done when there are problems during labor like when the baby is in trouble or the labor is stuck and not progressing over a long period of time.

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For example, the comparison group for caesarean delivery excluded Nigeria, where the rate of such deliveries declined at an unusually high rate in 1995-2003; after that exclusion, the six remaining comparison countries and the three intervention countries had statistically similar rates of change in caesarean delivery levels prior to the fee removals.
Caesarean delivery is one of the most commonly performed operations in Australia (92,687 procedures performed in 2009) (3).
Women undergoing caesarean delivery had an increased risk of severe maternal morbidity compared with women undergoing vaginal delivery.
The study team said the finding should make women think twice before demanding a Caesarean delivery for no clear medical reason.
Based on the results, the authors noted that "the practice of non-closure of the parietal peritoneum at caesarean delivery should be questioned.
For breech births, however, the failure rate of vaginal delivery was high and planned caesarean delivery was associated with significantly lower neonatal mortality.
Effect of continuous support during labour on duration of labour and rate of caesarean delivery.
But Dr Chong added: "For those who are still inclined to consider caesarean delivery a harmless option, they need to take a cold, hard look at the evidence against unnecessary caesarean section.
The clinic staff ordered Medrano to go immediately to Antelope Valley Hospital for a Caesarean delivery.
annual gynecological exam, birth control, natural family planning, introduction to pregnancy, monitoring your pregnancy, preparation for labor, labor and delivery, hysterectomy, tubal sterilization, VABC: vaginal birth after caesarean delivery, breast lumps, and a series on abnormal Pap tests.
Declining vaginal birth after Caesarean rates and increasing Caesarean delivery rates over the last 15 years would seem to indicate that planned repeat Caesarean delivery is preferable to a trial of labour," ABC Science quoted review chairman Dr F Gary Cunningham as saying.
Between 2008 and 2009, 15% of mums under the age of 20 planned to have a caesarean delivery.