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The beat or timing of a particular rhythmic activity—e.g., the rhythm of pedalling in cycling
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A point came when he wished to include something on marks of cadency, that is to say the differences or marks on the full family arms as borne by the head of the house to distinguish his male children (a label of three points for the eldest son and heir, a crescent for the second son, a mullet for the third, and so on).
lThere is a first Flat winner for Richard Rowe as L'Uomo Classics beats Cadency (Mark Tompkins/Ray Cochran) in the ten-furlong handicap at Salisbury.
`According to English heraldic writers', OED continues, `the use of the footless bird as a mark of cadency for younger sons was meant to symbolize their position as having no footing in the ancestral lands.' At, although Macbeth's title to his own lands is not in question, his hopes of succession have recently been disappointed by Duncan's designation of Malcolm as Prince of Cumberland.