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The beat or timing of a particular rhythmic activity—e.g., the rhythm of pedalling in cycling
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But then my ears detected a welcome sound above the sigh of the mountain breeze: the steady, cadenced yap of dogs barking treed.
As I noted, he excludes writers whose work constitutes mere lineated prose and cannot rightly be said to be verse (which means, after all, measured--not simply cadenced or intense--speech).
The yambu, the oldest and most cadenced form, is a couple's dance of mimetic moves.
The lines have transformed from structured, cadenced utterances to broken, halting bursts of emotion.
Engaging them in this kind of dialogue up-front before going into a deeper dive into all the intricacies of your business model allows the candidate to get excited about the benefits of being one of your franchisees, and the details are more appropriately cadenced throughout the balance of the discovery experience.
Soucouyant is a deceptively quiet novel that seduces readers with its wonderfully cadenced language that moves in and out of Caribbean dialect.
The cadenced uttering of various slokas in chaste Sanskrit by the assembly of scholars sound so soothing to the ears that one can't but get into a meditative trance.
GEC: I've asked you a lot about politics and philosophy, and I haven't said much about your poetry, which is very fine-nimble in argument and imagery and jazzily cadenced. Your line arrangements--phrasings--remind me of the style of the U.S.
Carson's representation of the cadenced poems (the roscada) is less satisfactory: he represents the short cadenced lines as "prose poetry," to use his phrase, leaving gaps between the lines; the result is long lines of English broken into seemingly arbitrary phrases which are difficult to read and unappealing to the eye.
The finely crafted, beautifully cadenced poems that comprise her debut return again and again to the idea of creating myths as a basic societal practice, a commonality between the "the fields of Scythia" and Tolstoy's Russia.
Cadenced prose and quiet sadness were not, in his view, necessary or helpful ways to rouse interest in Christianity.
The rhythm of the prose is perfectly cadenced, marching us along with Bobby: "Diverted onto the railroad tracks, they keep a dull time, their sandals slap-thudding the muddy ties.