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The beat or timing of a particular rhythmic activity—e.g., the rhythm of pedalling in cycling
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The Cadence AMS flow incorporates the proven custom/analog, digital and verification platforms, and supports the broader Cadence Intelligent System Design(TM) strategy, accelerating SoC design excellence.
In addition to commercial organizations realizing the potential of the cloud in electronics, the Cadence Academic Network, which promotes the use of Cadence technology by universities and research institutions around the globe, is collaborating with CMC Microsystems and EUROPRACTICE to further cloud adoption in academia.
The rating is in addition to the Kroll Bond Rating Agency's investment grade ratings Cadence had received in 2014.
Cadence is an active member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and supports the expansion of the USB ecosystem by providing the VIP and tools for developers to design to the newest USB standards, said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO.
- Digital and Signoff: The parallelized, integrated Cadence digital and signoff solutions provided Avera Semi with a trusted design flow to achieve industry- leading power, performance and area (PPA) results with integrated signoff accuracy for designs with more than 500M instances, complex clocking requirements and chip sizes at the mask reticle limit.
Cadence Design Systems announced that GlobalFoundries or GF, has chosen Cadence as the primary EDA tool vendor for use in Avera Semi, a GF subsidiary, for advanced node chip design projects.
26 December 2018 - Texas, US-based bank holding company Cadence Bancorporation (NYSE: CADE) has exercised its right to increase the exchange ratio in accordance with the terms of the definitive merger agreement between Cadence and Georgia, US-based State Bank Financial Corp.
"In ice fishing," Genz says, "we have control over (cadence) in the way we move the tip of our rod.
SANTA CLARA, CA--The three leading PCB computer-aided design vendors for 2009 were Mentor Graphics, Zuken and Cadence, a leading analyst says.
According to company officials, the unified Cadence name brings together three well-respected divisions to create a premier metals manufacturing company totally focused on medical technologies.
Denver-based Mortgage Cadence LLC, a provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), loss-mitigation technology and document services for the financial services industry, announced that Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Monitor Clipper Partners has invested in the company.