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Having the pallor and appearance resembling a corpse.
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Having the pallor and appearance of a corpse.
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(kă-dav′ĕr) plural.cadavera [L. cadaver, dead body]
A dead body; a corpse.
cadavericcadaverous (kă-dav′ĕ-rĭk) (kă-dav′ĕ-rŭs), adjective
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"Frankenstein" can't be green (Pierce used a green tint that appeared cadaverous on black-and-white film) and he can't have electrodes on his neck.
Relyea sang strongly most of the evening--sometimes too strongly--but his Dapertutto strained for the top notes; this is a role much better served by a real baritone.Tall, lean and elegant, he was an effective presence until his doubles began to proliferate; and, alas, one of his and the productions should-have-been-best moments--Miracle's cadaverous Chaney-as-Phantom head appearing on a score page on Antonia's piano--was com-promised by spoiler posters outside the theatre.
"So it has a bit of a Natural Born Killers-type thing going for it, with the pair maKing off into the sunset," she adds, citing the southern gothic murder ballads of cadaverous Aussie crooner NicK Cave as a big influence on the theme of the production.
I was a medical secretary in Riyadh for many years and living-related and cadaverous transplants were even approved by religious leaders years ago, so there is no reason for anyone not to take part in it, provided all the ethics and standards are applied.
In the sensational Tamburlaine plays, the iconographic theme that MacKenzie pursues is Death personified, visualized in both illustrations in books and funeral art, appearing, for example, on monuments in churches (e.g., the cadaverous image [fig.
On September 27, 1922, Virginia Woolf, always a caustic observer and keen gossip, recorded, "I am not sure that he does not paint his lips." (1) That same year Clive Bell told Woolf's sister, Vanessa, that Eliot had gone further in exterior decoration and "taken to powdering his face green--he looks interesting and cadaverous." (2) Five years later Osbert Sitwell could scarcely believe that the self-effacing Eliot had actually tinted himself: "I was amazed to notice on his cheeks a dusting of green powder--pale but distinctly green, the colour of a forced lily-of-the-valley.
After growing "cadaverous", Naqvi joined the World Bank.
Her fantastic week continued with news that she has been shortlisted for the Royal Academy show for a sculptural work Reliquiae and the Cadaverous Angel.
I wrote up the facts on a manual typewriter and passed it to a blotchy-faced cadaverous man at the copy desk and it went into the paper that landed on people's doorsteps the next morning.
At train stops he saw, but affected to disregard, "infants pitiful and terrifying with limbs like sticks, puffed bellies, big cadaverous heads lolling on thin necks." When party leaders read the propaganda manuscript he dutifully produced, they concluded that he was less than reliable and sent him back to the West.
Requesting shelter at the house, they are confronted by a host of exotic characters, including Riff Raff, a cadaverous butler, Frank N Furter, a Dracula-like transvestite and, of course, Rocky, a sexy muscle-man built by Frank N Furter.
The tracks are "Speak No Evil" (7:56), "Love For Sale" (9:13), "Daahoud" (3:52), "Tell Me a Bedtime Story" (4:49), "Someone to Love" (5:58), "Westside Story Medley" (7:50), Dance Cadaverous (8:14), "Morning" (5:14), "Speak Low" (6:48), "Bird Seed" (2:42), "Checked Bags" (5:33), and "Kush" (4:22).