cacodylic acid

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cac·o·dyl·ic ac·id

(kak'ō-dil'ik as'id),
Arsenical contact herbicide that defoliates or desiccates a wide variety of plant species.
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Agent Blue

An arsenic-based herbicide used to destroy broadleaf plants and trees (grass, rice, bamboo, bananas, etc.), especially rice paddies during the Vietnam War. During the war, 1.25 million US gallons of Agent Blue were used, successfully destroying 500,000 acres of crops.
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Four arsenic standards were purchased, including sodium arsenate (AsV; Pfaltz & Bauer Inc., Waterbury, CT), arsenious oxide (AsIII; 99.999% purity; GFS Chemical Inc., Powell, OH), MMA (97% purity; Chem Service, West Chester, PA), and cacodylic acid (DMA; 99% purity; Pfaltz & Bauer, Inc.).
Bioassays have been reported that show DMAA (cacodylic acid), typical of organic arsenicals, induced cancer of the urinary bladder in rodents, a site concordant with that seen in humans (28), and DMAA also promoted tumors of the urinary bladder as well as of several other organs: kidney, lung, liver, skin (fibrosarcomas), and thyroid glands in rats (30-33).