cabbage tree

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The bark of Andira inermis, a leguminous tree of tropical America, used as an emetic, purgative, and anthelmintic.
Synonym(s): cabbage tree, worm bark
[West Indian native name]

cabbage tree

A tree from tropical America and West Africa, the bark of which has been used as a folk remedy to expel intestinal worms, as an antifungal and to kill fish in rivers. Given its toxicity, is not recommended in modern herbal medicine practice.

Toxic effects
Vomiting, fever, delirium, death.
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Until very recently, Cabbage Tree Island bad remained a predator-free petrel paradise, well worth the long haul from the feeding grounds.
He'd been sent from Paris to develop a pox virus for rabbits and claim a 25,000 [pounds sterling] reward offered to whoever could develop a control for these introduced pests, which were ravaging Australia's pastoral lands, Pasteur's nephew set up a research institute on a nearby island and, in an ill-conceived experiment, released a collection of poxy rabbits oil Cabbage Tree Island.
Peter Harburg's 100-foot Reichel/Pugh Black Jack was the first across the line after leading from the start and building a healthy advantage over closest rival Wild Oats XI, who had to retire while on the return from Cabbage Tree due to time constraints.
Daylight revealed none had really been able to capitalise on the shifts, and the first ten boats rounded Cabbage Tree Island in a building southerly that allowed the remainder of the fleet to run down with increased pace to the island off Port Stephens.
In November, she finished 12th on IRC in the Cabbage Tree Island race.
Finished 11th in the Cabbage Tree Island race in November and still holds onto second place overall in the Blue Water Pointscore, behind Wild Rose.
Tony Kirby launched his latest Patrice, a Ker 46, in November just prior to the CYCA's Cabbage Tree Island Yacht Race, finishing fourth overall, and is one of the brand new yachts in this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart.
She also holds the race record for the CYCA's Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race (22hrs, 3mins, 46secs, set in 2012) and the CYCA's Cabbage Tree Island Race (12hrs, 15mins, 55secs, set in 2012).
The soldiers had not been given pikes so Venables tried to improvise them from cabbage trees in Barbados.