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Fat content in cheese was determined by the method described by the British Standards Institution (BSI, 1969) using a milk butyrometer. Yield was calculated as weight of cheesex 100/weight of milk.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Electric Garber Centrifuge -24 holes with safety Cover, Lock stopper (Dozen), Lock stopper key, Lactometer zeal type Thermometer (Alcohol), Pipette 10.75ml, Graduated pipette 10ml, Butyrometcr (IS1 make), Butyromcter shaking stand, Pla ;tic holding stand for 24 Butyrometer, Hasuc sample Dottle 5u ml v/ith cap, Plastic tray for holding 24 nos sample bottles securely Plastic tray for reagents, Plastic tilt measure 1ml for alcohol with rubber cork & with plastic bottle of 250ml, Plastic tilt measure 10ml for acid with rubber cork & with plastic bottle of SQOml, Nylon brush for cleaning Butyrometers, Nylon brush for cleaning pipettes, Nylon brush for cleaning 50 ml milk sampling bottles.
Tenders are invited for Suephuric Acid, Butyrometer, Violet Redy And Nutrient Agar
+/- 10 gm.,Butyrometers shaking stand, 12 holes (HDPE),Plastic holding stand for 24 Butyrometer,Milk Pipette stand,Dropping bottle Plastic - 300 ml,S.S.