butyl alcohol

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bu·tyl al·co·hol

, primary butyl alcoholsecondary butyl alcoholtertiary butyl alcohol
several isomeric forms are known: primary butyl alcohol, 1-butanol, propylcarbinol, the butyl alcohol of fermentation; isobutyl alcohol, isopropylcarbinol, 2-methyl-1-propanol, which is narcotic in high concentrations; secondary butyl alcohol, ethylmethylcarbinol, 2-butanol; and tertiary butyl alcohol, trimethylcarbinol, 2-methyl-2-propanol, a denaturant for ethanol.

butyl alcohol (C4H9OH)

a clear, toxic liquid used as an organic solvent. It exists as four isomers, n-butyl, isobutyl, secondary butyl, and tertiary butyl alcohol. Also called butanol.
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Fusel oil genes from yeast have been transferred by Shota Atsumi to other microbes (notably Escherichia coli) to produce normal butyl alcohol, which is an excellent fuel for internal combustion engines.
Additionally, development of a world scale propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant at the company's Channelview site is progressing.
LyondellBasell is seeking to build a propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant in Channelview and Pasadena, Texas.