butyl alcohol

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bu·tyl al·co·hol

, primary butyl alcoholsecondary butyl alcoholtertiary butyl alcohol
several isomeric forms are known: primary butyl alcohol, 1-butanol, propylcarbinol, the butyl alcohol of fermentation; isobutyl alcohol, isopropylcarbinol, 2-methyl-1-propanol, which is narcotic in high concentrations; secondary butyl alcohol, ethylmethylcarbinol, 2-butanol; and tertiary butyl alcohol, trimethylcarbinol, 2-methyl-2-propanol, a denaturant for ethanol.

butyl alcohol (C4H9OH)

a clear, toxic liquid used as an organic solvent. It exists as four isomers, n-butyl, isobutyl, secondary butyl, and tertiary butyl alcohol. Also called butanol.
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The lawsuit, initially filed by the City in June 2000 against numerous oil manufacturers, suppliers, refiners and owners and operators of pipelines and other gasoline facilities, arose from the contamination of City's primary drinking water source with methyl tertiary butyl ether ("MTBE"), tertiary butyl alcohol ("TBA"), and related hydrocarbon contaminants resulting primarily from releases from underground storage tanks.
This gas is used as raw material to produce butyl alcohol and methanol.
He added that bioreactors are more frequently being embraced by water industry officials as a treatment tool since bioreactors can clean both MTBE and related chemicals such as TBA -- tertiary butyl alcohol -- and other gasoline components.
The added benefit of our technology is that it produces PO without a co-product such as styrene or tertiary butyl alcohol," said Ed Dineen, Lyondell senior vice president of chemicals and polymers.