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Accordingly, having made everything snug in camp, the party, Tom and Ned equipped with electric rifles, and the professor with a butterfly net and specimen boxes, set forth.
He could see him yet, his queer little monkeyish face eloquent with fear, his back burdened with specimen cases, in his hands Bassett's butterfly net and naturalist's shot-gun, as he quavered, in Beche-de-mer English: "Me fella too much fright along bush.
The 93-year-old royal matriarch is said to have a butterfly net, and she uses it to catch the creatures.
Katsumi assembled his butterfly net in a hurry, checked the triangular insect case attached to his belt, and waited for the butterfly to come back.
During such revocation or suspension, the violator may be present on a vessel harvesting or possessing shrimp or possessing a trawl, skimmer, or butterfly net only if the vessel is equipped with and employs an operating vessel monitoring system, which is accessible to LDWF.
So find a friend and a butterfly net, and join in the fun at a tagging event near where you live.
Cathy gave him a butterfly net. Cathy enjoys irony.
LOVE is in the air but should you breathe deeply or chase it like a kid with a butterfly net? As endearing as the latter image is, you'll look cooler if you let it come your way.
This cane doubles as a butterfly net for the budding entomologist
If they were talking you off a ledge or chasing you with a butterfly net, then you might want to do a little more than stop at the Hallmark store.
Will the landmark finisher - number one million since the dash for the coast began back in 1981 - be scooped from the track by Brendan Foster armed with a giant butterfly net? Precise details have not been revealed.
By taking himself out of the running, we now want to chase him with a butterfly net. To paraphrase Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire, he had us at goodbye.