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Preferred chemical name for N-butyl alcohol.
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The Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company (Saudi Kayan), a manufacturing affiliate of Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), has initiated trial runs at its new joint venture butanol plant.
where [Y.sub.A], [Y.sub.B] and [X.sub.A], [X.sub.B] are the mass fractions of butanol and water in the permeate and feed side, respectively.
The butanol that is produced will be supplied to the chemicals project of Sadara which is to be located at Jubail Industrial City II in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3.2.1 Deshidratacion del etanol y el butanol con la zeolita HZSM-5 relacion Si/Al = 28
Qureshi has confirmed that both materials can be converted to butanol via "separate hydrolysis, fermentation, and recovery" (SHFR) or by "simultaneous saccharification, fermentation, and recovery" (SSFR).
The yield of products was calculated as the total ABE or butanol produced divided by the total carbohydrate utilized.
Hyder, "Molecular interactions in formamide + isomeric butanols: an ultrasonic and volumetric study," Journal of Solution Chemistry, vol.
Saudi Riyal (US$ 293.3 million) contract to South Korea's Daelim Construction Co to build a butanol plant; Sabuco shareholders
El proceso biotecnologico para producir acetona, butanol y etanol (ABE) por parte de clostridios solventogenicos se destaco durante la primera parte del siglo pasado por ser la segunda fermentacion mas importante despues del etanol.