butanoic acid

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bu·ta·no·ic ac·id

(byū'tă-nō'ik as'id),
Systematic name for normal n-butyric acid.
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butanoic acid

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butyric acid

An oily carboxylic acid which smells like rancid butter, has an acrid taste and a sweetish aftertaste, like ether. It is present in rancid butter, parmesan cheese and vomit, and is produced in anaerobic fermentation by bacteria in the colon and axilla (resulting in body odour). It is used as a flavourant, perfume additive and cattle-feed supplement.

Fringe oncology
It is believed to have anticarcinogenic activity, especially the derivative, sodium butyrate.
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Nitrogen Atmosphere Air Atmosphere E (kJ/mole) A (l/min) E (kJ/mole) A (l/min) Acetic acid 231 2.46 E17 300 5.93 E24 Butanoic acid 407 8.26 E30 199 6.53 E15 Butanal 349 3.37 E26 208 5.70 E16 Butenal 334 1.91 E25 226 1.22 E18 Butanol 475 5.97 E35 203 1.57 E16 Furan 616 6.81 E38 - - Carbon dioxide - - 202 2.33 E16
As the polymer was thermally activated in air, oxygen attacks the hydrogen on the [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] carbons initially, and B-I as well as B-II bonds are broken to form butanoic acid. It is based on [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and/or [Mathematical Expression Omitted], which represent ether groups undergoing a cleavage reaction in an oxygen atmosphere at high temperatures.
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Acidogenesis, when the obtained in the first stage components are decomposed by the acidogenic bacteria into other organic (acetic, propionic, butanoic acids, alcohols and aldehydes) and inorganic materials ([H.sub.2], C[O.sub.2], [N.sub.2], [H.sub.2]S).