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noun Osculation
verb To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness
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Whether Buss wants that opportunity is the biggest question she faces.
Buss hat ebenso die etwas dilettantisch anmutende Publikation "[phrase omitted]" (1897) von Juri Truusmann (1856-1930) erwahnt und muss zugeben, dass so mancher Vergleich mit dem Estnischen fur Ortsnamen in Lettgallen ge-wisserma[beta]en uberzeugt, wie etwa Piziki (Dorf, Dricani), das Truusmann dem estnischen Adjektiv pisike 'sehr klein' gegenuberstellt.
Even those who are unfamiliar with Ley will be drawn in by Buss's unhindered composition and commitment to his story.
Buss is one of the finest actors to perform locally in many years.
"The PureSOx solution was well engineered and allowed a sophisticated integration of the scrubber system into our container feeder ships," says Christoph Meier, project manager, Buss Shipping.
Buss acquired his first Haas machine in the mid-1990s as a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to the established German, Swiss, and Japanese makes prevalent in the local market at the time.
Buss said the Riverbay Corporation has so far received requests for the full bid package from around 20 property management firms.
Buss' early flying assignments include carrier-based squadron tours aboard USS Dwight D.
Wedging launchers into the upward/fully engaged position with a block of foam will help you determine how much activation cord is needed to reach the down buss cable.
Les Los Angeles Lakers ont honore la memoire de leur proprietaire Jerry Buss, decede lundi a 80 ans, de la plus belle facon: en dominant avant-hier mercredi leur rival historique, Boston (113-99).
Jerry Buss, who parlayed a $1,000 real estate investment into ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers, winning 10 National Basketball Association championships and making the team one of the most glamorous in American sports, died on Monday at 80, the team said on its official website.
Buss is based in Lakeland, Florida, where he teaches, composes, and publishes music.