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(bo͝oz′əm, bōō′zəm)
1. The chest of a human.
2. A woman's breast or breasts.
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Tax breaks may be considered a prize for successful performance (Busom et al.
Regarding the Spanish economy, three recent studies on this subject have been published in international journals (Blanes and Busom, 2004; Fernandez-Ribas, 2009; Altuzarra, 2010).
The differences between business profitability and social returns justify the existence of innovation subsidies; moreover, these differences are specific to each project (Blanes and Busom, 2004) and even specific for each country on the same project, which justifies public intervention in innovation at the regional and national levels.
For example, Busom (2000), and Loof and Heshmati (2005) noted the existence of a negative relationship between firm size and the probability of receiving public aid targeted towards innovation.
"What did you think of her new, improved busom?", I asked him.