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Having been appointed a manager in the company, the Pakistani used to get money from the South African businessman and then he would send the money to South Africa to buy gold to be imported to Dubai.
Every time the businessman borrowed money, he would issue uncovered cheques as a form of guarantee, until he raised the funds to repay the men.
The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the British accused in absentia for forging the photocopy of a trade licence, conning the businessman and embezzling his money.
Defending two of the suspects, advocate Ma'asoumah Al Sayegh, of Dar Al Balagh Advocates and Legal Consultants, argued in court: "The businessman [so-called victim] in this case is himself a swindler.
In 2013, the businessman reported the case to the police.
The Pakistani trio kicked and assaulted the businessman, snatched the bag containing money and absconded.
Upon confronting the businessman with the findings, the 55-year-old client denied issuing any cheques or doing any online or bank-to-bank money transfers or cash withdrawals.
The businessman, who was not identified in the report, claims that his driver of 17 years obtained a key to his safe and emptied it of cash while he was away.
In the Westside Union School District, incumbent Christine LeBeau will be joined on the ballot for three seats by business owner Alex Alexandria Dunkel, electrical engineer Matthew Jones, teacher Marty Meeden, businessman Michael Gudim, business owner Donna Margharita, administrator Ralph Rodriguez, teacher James Brink, and parent and franchise business owner Robin Kessler.
In describing Ford's nomination as Businessman of the Century, FORTUNE makes clear that its decision was entirely shaped by the legacy he left to the world of Twentieth Century business and to America as a whole, regardless of the personal failings that ultimately stained his reputation: "In his latter years he surrounded himself with goons, spouted ugly anti-Semitic bile, and he left his company in terrible shape.
Abdul Khaliq Saeed, a prominent Jeddah businessman, praised the late businessman's farsightedness and management capabilities.
JEDDAH: Plainclothes policemen in Jeddah arrested two men who cheated a Riyadh businessman out of SR2.

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