business liability insurance

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bus·i·ness li·a·bil·i·ty in·sur·ance

(biz'ness lī'ă-bil'ĭ-tē in-shūr'ents)
Protection of a small business from a lawsuit for personal injury or property damages.
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Proposition 103, approved by California voters, requires insurance companies to open their books to public scrutiny and justify auto, home and business liability insurance rate changes before they take effect, using rules that limit each insurance company's profits and expenses to fair levels.
Cybercrime is not covered by general business liability insurance, but it is relatively inexpensive and can save your credit union thousands of dollars in future fees and expenses.
She also advises clients on how to keep workplaces safe for employees and customers and it can also help when seeking business liability insurance.
I have to submit records and invoices I've sent to other clients, pay for business liability insurance, prove I have my own health insurance, prove I file my tax returns -- and on and on.
com) business liability insurance company BOLT is putting out an infographic to show just how much time American employees waste while on the job.
The Texas insurance specialist said many business owners and financial executives assume general business liability insurance will protect them in fiduciary lawsuits.
While you can protect yourself against lawsuits by buying business liability insurance, this won't help you with business debts.
They must pay for business liability insurance to cover various risks of professional liability, property and casualty and financial solvency.
A business liability insurance program designed specifically for technology companies, in partnership with the Information Technology Association of America;
Now the contractor is expected to have his or her business license, proof of Workers' Compensation coverage and business liability insurance, plus a growing number of additional items such as waste-management plans, safety policies, training procedures, and environmental-management plans, to name a few.
To help insure the success of her business, Louder purchased business liability insurance for her building and inventory.
Users can purchase property insurance, workers' compensation insurance, business liability insurance, or umbrella liability insurance from top-rated carriers that include: The Hartford, Kemper, and the St.
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