information system

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in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

combination of vital and health statistical data from multiple sources, used to derive information and make decisions about the health needs, health resources, costs, use, and outcome of health care.
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information system

1. Any structure or device that converts data input from diverse systems into outputs such as reports and screen displays.
2. An automated or manual system that comprises people, machines, and/or methods organized to collect, process, transmit, and disseminate data that represent user information.
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His expertise lies in the fields of business and business information systems.
XDA's can make full use of the other solutions discussed including, Instant Messaging, Document Management Systems and Business Information Systems.
"IJBIS" covers the general areas of business information systems (BIS), defined as a system which integrates information technology, people and business.
The CS Group is split into three divisions: telecom equipment, which accounts for 25% of sales; technical systems and business information systems, which make up 65% of sales; and security, which accounts for 10% of sales.
In fact, the modifications made to business information systems to correctly gather the information needed for tax compliance will be substantial.
Would you like greater familiarity with business information systems or forecasting?
Rhyne, vice president and general manager of Business Information Systems for Mead Data Central.
Solteq Oyj (HEL:STQ1V), a developer and marketer of strategic business information systems, reported on Friday profit of EUR353,000, or EPS of EUR0.02m for the first half of 2018, from January 2018 to June 2018.
He attended Mississippi State University for his undergraduate studies, and received his B.B.A., summa cure laude, in business information systems in 2005.
On a second placement, Nida Christie, who is studying for a Business Information Systems degree, has joined Tait Walker's IT department.
Finnish business information systems developer and supplier Solteq Plc (OMX Helsinki: STQ1V) reported on Wednesday (28 January) an operating profit of EUR1.5m on turnover of EUR30.4m for the financial year 2008.
Abraham (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) presents papers from an October 2007 conference on different aspects of Web- based information systems, including semantic web, Web-based services, Web applications, Web-enhanced business information systems, e-education specialists, and information security.

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