information system

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in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

combination of vital and health statistical data from multiple sources, used to derive information and make decisions about the health needs, health resources, costs, use, and outcome of health care.

information system

1. Any structure or device that converts data input from diverse systems into outputs such as reports and screen displays.
2. An automated or manual system that comprises people, machines, and/or methods organized to collect, process, transmit, and disseminate data that represent user information.
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Ltd (MSS), a Systems & Information Technology firm that provides services, solutions and systems for government and enterprise in areas such as Space systems, Defense Systems, Bioinformatics, Security, Business Information Systems, Medical Systems etc.
This combined with Brain Bulb's expertise for building highly-scalable web applications that are secure, reliable and fast, further enhances OmniTI's already recognized expertise in architecting and engineering high-end services for today's business information systems infrastructures.
CRIF provides an integrated range of information, scoring models, management solutions, software, consultancy and worldwide business information systems providing support to banks, financial institutions, insurance and telecommunications companies in every phase of the customer relationship cycle.
Nexaweb will demonstrate how its Rich Internet Application platform can expand CMS capabilities and improve usability through dynamic, compound interfaces that combine existing CMS and core business information systems.
Alien's enterprise-ready RFID offerings are an excellent complement to BT Auto-ID's existing services to the retail sector, designed to integrate and manage real-time RFID data for use by business information systems," said Ross Hall, BT Auto-ID Services chief executive.
Tying our UPS business information systems to ACE not only provides our customers with tangible benefits like faster customs clearances, it also supports the Department of Homeland Security's dual mission to facilitate legitimate trade and secure our nation's borders," said David Barnes, senior vice president and CIO of UPS.

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