business hours

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business hours (office hours), the hours of the day during which professional, public, and other kinds of business are ordinarily conducted.
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The processing time for a fixed number portability request has also been slashed from 72 hours to eight, but can be extended for another eight business hours, in case the provider faces any technical difficulties.
Target: Stores will be open during regular business hours on New Year's Day.
The shorter business hours will eliminate the current system of two work shifts at the four Isetan stores with the result that more salesclerks will be available to serve customers, improving service quality, Isetan officials said.
Suite security systems are deployed on a regular basis by New York tenants to deter intrusion both during and after business hours.
ATAP is a robust tuition assistance program open to all eligible acquisition, logistics, and technology workforce members who are interested in pursuing their 12-24 business hour requirements for associate's or bachelor's degrees.
As a result, they are searching for new ways to reduce job cost, and decision makers would prefer to schedule indoor painting application during standard business hours.
Routine tasks that once required planned downtime, often during after-hours or weekends, can now be performed transparently during normal business hours.
Radware's FireProof product line allows enterprise network and system administrators to manage multiple ISA Servers on a local or global basis, while providing fault tolerance from software and hardware failures and allowing servers to be transparently inserted or removed for maintenance and updates during peak business hours without end-user performance degradation.
Research bears this out: A study released in December 2000 by Pitney Bowes (and conducted by the Institute for the Future) indicated that nearly half the respondents to the study report that work-related communication has spread beyond regular business hours.
An exempt organization must make the required information available for inspection or copying at its principal office and at certain regional offices during regular business hours.
Low cost Subscription Support, which includes business hours technical support for Hyperic HQ Open Source, is optional and available by contacting your Hyperic Sales Representative at sales@hyperic.
The normal business hours for this location are Monday through Friday

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